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Table of Tabs

Lonely Side of Town
Mean Streak G1 B M
Summertime Girls She's hott!!!. I dig the wiggle...
Go For The Throat
Rescue Me G B Listen to this!
Black Tiger
Dirty Girl
From The Moon
Hang 'Em High
Hello,Hello(I'm Back Again)
Angel On My Shoulder pg1 pg2
Baby Blues Rhy solo
Man's World
Hard As I Try
I'll Cry For You
Winds Of ChangeLook to the stars tonight...
This Time
Long Way Down G B Well, it's a long way down...
21st Century G1 G2 B D S Listen to this!
The Other Side It's comin on strong tonight...
Fight For Your Life
I Believe In You
All American Boy
Fly Away
Open Fire G B
Don't Wanna Lose
No Regrets
Give Me Rock
Goin Off The Deep End
Don't Stop Runnin jpg ascii
Rock and Roll's Gonna
Save The World

Black Gold
In The Name Of Rock G1 G2 B M
Hands Of Time G1 G2 B M
Anything For Money G1 G2 B M
Hell or High Water One word of truth is worth more than a thousand lies...
Ten Lovers Movie

***Breaking News***

I was lucky enough to see Y&T in August 2008 in Santa Fe, NM! Here's a clip I took with my cell phone of Phils bass part in Barroom Boogie


John's Summertime Girls Intro

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